Cape Town South African Adventure

Cape Town South African Adventure

July 05, 2023

Cape Town is the first stop on our South African adventure. This is a beautiful city with a complicated history and a fascinating culture. 

 Before exploring the city’s highlights, we went on a philanthropic educational excursion with an amazing organization called Uthando.  Their mission is to link tourism and community development projects, shining a light on community activists who are driving social change in their communities. 

We visited the Ulwasi Educare Center, a preschool made entirely of recycled materials, tires, drainage pipes, wine bottles and clay! The school was previously housed in shipping containers and before that in the founder’s home.


The Home in the Hood Center is an art and education center for women and families. They teach skills in creating crafts that can be sold for the financial support of the community.

 Ikhaya Culture Garden stresses the importance of healthy living and healthy environment by teaching organic farming to urban kids at local school. 


It was a humbling experience to meet these community leaders and a unique opportunity to meet locals and see firsthand their present day challenges to overcome the history of apartheid.


To learn more about Uthando, go to (