Clients in Action - Jay Goldberg

Clients in Action - Jay Goldberg

March 01, 2024

We are excited to highlight our first client in 2024 doing great work in the community!

Please meet Jay Goldberg, Captain of Elijah’s Promise on Wheels, part of the Elijah’s Promise organization where he has volunteered for over 20 years.

Elijah’s Promise started in August 1989 and since its inception, this soup kitchen has grown to serve 375,000 free meals a year, developed a culinary school giving clients critical job training for employment, has a mobile food truck meal system for those unable to travel for food, and employs 20 paid staff on top of hundreds of volunteers.

Jay owned a printing company for most of his career, after a recession period where companies moved from print to digital, his wife Helene encouraged him to do what he truly loved. At 53, Jay started in the culinary school at Elijah’s Promise, where his neighbor was a teacher.

After culinary school, Jay had a successful career in food service for corporate business accounts. When the world shut down for COVID, he volunteered his time at Elijah’s Promise where a grant allowed the organization to expand their services with a food truck. Jay began to drive the truck, which led to him becoming a full-time staff member in October of 2022.

The organization’s slogan is “Food Changes Lives” and this statement is close to Jay’s heart as he feels the most important aspect of the organization is feeding people. “People who are food insecure can’t make rational decisions, people can navigate life more positively when food is checked off their list.”

Wearing many hats at the organization, Jay is involved with food prep, driving the food truck, making deliveries, picking up donations, and teaching a class of “Let’s Cook” for seniors where they learn how to eat healthy on a budget, including sourcing materials for free.

Jay's primary investing goal is to provide a comfortable path to the future for his family. When it comes to investing with Alcove specifically, “It’s all about trust and performance, we trust them implicitly. We know they have our best interest in mind and have provided us a comfortable path to retirement.”

“They are interactive, not just giving us advice, but including us in the decision-making process of what to do. It is the personal touch of the process of explaining and understanding why this is what would be the best decision for our investing.” 

Elijah’s Promise is funded by governmental grants, donations, and events such as their annual Chef’s Night. To learn more about the organization and how you can be involved visit their website by clicking below.

Elijah's Promise

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