Clients in Action - Julia Wong

Clients in Action - Julia Wong

September 05, 2023

We are excited to highlight once again one of our clients doing great work in the community.


Please meet Julia Wong, Policy Advisor & Special Projects Manager, NJ Department of Environmental Protection. Julia works in the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, advancing some of the Department’s key initiatives, including urban parks, environmental justice, climate change, and solar energy.


Julia is the lead project manager for the Greenway project, a new linear State Park in Essex and Hudson Counties. She supports ongoing design development for Liberty State Park and investigating potential other urban State Parks on behalf of NJDEP. Outside of her urban parks work, she spearheads policy documents for NJDEP that coordinate and align programmatic goals with specific topics. Some of these topics include food waste recycling, solar energy, climate change, and cannabis.


On the first day of Earth Week, Governor Phil Murphy announced the final adoption of regulations to implement New Jersey’s landmark Environmental Justice (EJ) Law. The EJ Law and implementing rules are the first in the nation aimed at reducing pollution in historically overburdened communities and communities of color that have been subjected to disproportionally high numbers of environmental and public health stressors.


“I’m fortunate to love my work and all my projects! What ties all my seemingly disparate work together is knowing that my work will result in increased access to a healthier environment by all New Jerseyans. We continuously put people first – be they here now, or future generations.”


” There are so many ways people can help our environment. The first is just by experiencing it! Making the conscious effort to get outside and explore (a local walk down a street less often traveled, a hike in a State Park, tubing down the Delaware) makes you more aware of current conditions and will likely get you thinking about the role of nature in our lives. Do you see tons of litter on your walk? What about invasive species growing over the path? How clean is that water? All these questions can lead to further exploration and investigation. Soon, you’ll be researching ways to make a positive impact through your actions.”


Julia has worked with Leslie and Daryl since she started investing and planning, refining her goals and priorities. ESG investing specifically enables her to pursue her financial goals while also advancing aspects of the causes she cares about.


Her message regarding anyone looking to work with Leslie and Daryl is, “I never question Leslie and Daryl having my best interests at heart because of our personal relationship. They genuinely want to see me and my family meet our goals, and work diligently to find creative solutions to all my questions.”


Follow the links below to learn more about the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, EJ Law, Greenway, and local environmental and health considerations in your community.

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