Clients in Action - The Goto Family

Clients in Action - The Goto Family

December 18, 2023

At Alcove, we draw tremendous inspiration from our clients who continue to make a difference in their communities.

Meet the Goto family; Stacy, Glen, and their son, Sam, who volunteer with Friendship Circle of Central New Jersey, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating an inclusive and engaging environment for children and teenagers with special needs and their families.

 Please watch this meaningful video about Sam and his involvement with Friendship Circle.  

Sam's Story

Stacy emphasizes, “The Friendship Circle adds so much value to Sam’s life because they provide an environment where Sam and his peers are “seen and heard”. They truly value his friendship and what he has to offer.”

Stacy realized as a mother of a special needs child the importance of being an advocate and sharing information. During Sam’s grade school years, she joined the Special Needs PTO and became the president of the organization.  Since then, she has continued to stay abreast of new information and continues to be a resource for those seeking advice.  In addition, she teaches technology education courses to those with special needs at The Arc of Monmouth.

Follow the links below to learn more about Friendship Circle, and Stacy’s recommended resources for families with special needs children.

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