Eric McCrickard

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Eric McCrickard

Senior Marketing Consultant

Eric is part of LPL Business Solutions, a service that provides industry-trained LPL professionals who can simplify operations and streamline LPL advisors’ practices. 

With over 17 years of experience in marketing, Eric brings his passion for combining strategic and creative efforts to produce successful marketing campaigns using both digital and traditional media. Throughout his career, he has developed marketing plans, facilitated rebranding campaigns, and tailored marketing strategies for increased brand awareness and social media platform growth.

Eric graduated from Elon College, with a Bachelor of Arts degree with concentrations in Corporate and Broadcast Communications. In his spare time, he performs and teaches improv comedy, is an avid Peloton user, and enjoys attending live entertainment events. Eric is a Charlotte, NC native where he resides with his Chihuahua, Carrie Bradshaw.