Our Industry Partners

Ashworth Financial Group is proud to be an independent advisor firm. We value our relationships with our clients and the level of service we provide. To elevate our service, we have carefully chosen industry professionals and vendors that offer what we determine to be best-in-class support and resources.

Our business is amplified by LPL Strategic Wealth Services, a fully integrated custody and business support platform providing a dedicated service team and a seasoned suite of professionals, including a CFO consultant, technology professionals, administrative staff, and a dedicated marketing consultant. We are able to leverage LPL Financial’s superior technology to enhance the service and reporting standards that we offer our clients.

Technology Resources

Wealth planning tools offer comprehensive financial planning along with an online storage facility to help our clients keep track of valuable documents. By addressing our clients’ goals and financial needs, we are able to provide well-crafted plans that include insurance needs analysis, asset allocation and estate planning providing sophisticated analyses and results.

Our portfolio analysis tools are designed to help us assess our clients risk tolerance, and provide them a full report of their accounts and portfolios. These tools also allow us the ability to analyze investment analytics, as well as create and implement fully customized portfolios, designed around our clients risk profile.

Portfolio management platforms allow us to assure our clients secure anytime, anywhere online access to their total wealth picture. This allows us to work to fulfill client objectives while offering outstanding service and transparency. The customizable report and rebalancing services, combined with daily reconciliation, help us to carefully manage our clients’ assets.

Morningstar provides our team with research and to-the-minute market information and insights that we can pass along to our clients.

Thomson ONE allows advisors to keep abreast of market developments, so when an unexpected event unfolds, we can quickly assess the potential impact on our clients.

LPL Research delivers objective advice and provides us with robust tools for asset allocation, manager research, portfolio management, and sustainable investing.